New video release for Everything

Everything single music video

This month sees the release of the new full video for the single Everything.

The song reflects on the tensions between a scientific and religious worldviews. With blind faith ‘everything is wonderful and serene’, but ignores the scientific wonder of the world around us. The song contains a mixture of acoustic, digital and recorded environmental sounds.

The video contains footage I shot around Brisbane, Stradbrook Island and the Barrier Reef over the past 2 years. Creating in After Effects, I used the lyric from the song to subtly fade in over the video clips.

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Everything is wonderful
So serene
Imagine a life
With everything

Everything is so good
Almost heavenly
Trouble’s reconciled
Just visiting

You're praying at the breaking of the bread and the bone
Kneeling down before the cold marker stone

Every single word
Every myth we dreamed
It's our nature
Our base instincts

Everything is beautiful
And ignored
Something really wonderful
Has evolved


Hunkered down between the fruit and tree
Taking on the burden and the need

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