Soldier's Things on SoundCloud

Soldier's Things cover

Recording a song you have loved listening to for years is always a big thrill. Recently I started playing around with my own instrumental arrangement of the Tom Wait's classic Soldier's Things. The song has a very simple arrangement, and a really haunting melody (and Wait's lyrics, as always, paint such a vivid story).

Fender Vibrasonic amp

I've owned a 1960's Fender Vibrasonic amp for years, but this is the first time I've recorded it with the Vibro effect on. It's got a great deep bass tremolo effect that gave a very retro feel to the whole track.

Fender Strat and Vibrasonic amp

I also recorded the drums using my paired down kit - the kick was a cardboard box filled with books and blankets (necessity being the mother of invention, and all that!). The zildjian 22" dark ride is my absolute favourite as it has an amazing wash as you dig into it.

Kit from below
mastering in Ozone

You can hear the Tom Wait's original, from his album Sordfishtrombone, here,